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June's Virtual Event - "Motivation Magic: The Power to Love What’s Good for Us" with Guest Speaker Robyn Landis

  • 10-Jun-2020
  • 18:00 - 20:00
  • ONLINE: This is a Virtual Event held via Zoom Video Conferencing Technology


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  • $15 for Non-Members to attend the online event via Zoom. (Non-Members may add guests for the same price.)

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An ONLINE Event with Robyn Landis

"Motivation Magic: The Power to Love What’s Good for Us"

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (MST)

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing Technology*

*Registrants who have paid will receive an emailed link to join
the live virtual event on 6/10/2020.


Making Self-Care Sacred — “Motivation Magic” That Works!

This is a time when self-care on every level is more vital than ever (for reasons ranging from immunity to overall resilience—mind, body, and spirit).

Yet many of us STILL struggle to actually make the healthiest choices—even when we’re home more, have more time, and feel terrified of our vulnerability to a virus.

Maybe fear isn’t such a great motivator. But what is?

Robyn Landis is sure there’s a much better way to inspire healthy living—one she’s been developing for three decades, and that’s helped thousands of people choose to take amazing care of themselves. And she’ll be sharing it with us on June 10.

As a self-care mentor, nutritionist, fitness trainer, energy healer and herbalist, Robyn is passionate about helping people happily fuel what really matters to them. She brings fresh thinking to the “motivation challenge,” to help us LOVE what’s good for us, and care for ourselves with ease and a sense of choice.

Imagine if “healthy” could become naturally how you live — not a separate list of chores you struggle to “get yourself to do.”

The biggest epidemics in healthcare (which far outweigh COVID-19!)—heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes —are preventable, even reversible with our choices. Many others, like depression, sleep disorders, autoimmunity, and pain are also known to have lifestyle and environmental causes—and cures.

(And they're known to complicate COVID-19, too!)

Clearly, the greatest challenge is not that of figuring out what to do, but of ACTUALLY DOING IT.

And the standard, conventional approaches that have been handed down for decades—grim determination, “willpower” and just do it…aren't doing it.

Research shows that only 2.7% of Americans actually live the most minimally heart-healthy lifestyle that also prevents most other chronic diseases. (The same diseases that complicate COVID-19 have been directly killing most people for many decades.)

What if we could move people to care about themselves and life too much to harm themselves with poor choices? To prioritize themselves as an act of service and love?

What if we could transform health, fitness and medicine to help people naturally connect their daily choices with what they most value?

That's the holy grail in health and fitness—and it's more within reach than most of us think.

In this eye-opening talk, Robyn will share thoughtful, intelligent practices and perspectives she's been developing for decades...that have a remarkable transformational power to help us (and our clients/patients) make healthy choices happily.

These keys from her Conscious Inspiration™ process work to melt resistance and overwhelm, and awaken our desire to give ourselves good things—as a natural expression of who we are and what we love, rather than a grim chore or drudgery.


  • Why "willpower" is inherently problematic—and what works instead
  • How our words and language unwittingly discourage self-care—and a new vocabulary for health pros AND laypeople that is naturally inviting
  • 5 practices/perspectives anyone can use to cultivate pleasure and freedom in healthy choices

These new "lenses" can be used right away to begin connecting our daily choices to what most matters to us—consistently, with a sense of purpose and freedom.

This is a moment with incredible potential to go further than “not getting coronavirus. ” We can actually become stronger and more resilient by living our way to the most robust possible immune system. We can protect ourselves by lowering our risks for the underlying disease that actually makes a complicated case more likely.

Best of all, we'll be heading off the epidemics that were devastating American health before this pandemic ever showed its face.

Simply put: It’s time to take better care of yourself. It was always a great idea. But now is more than ever the time. If you struggle to do that, this workshop is for you.

About Robyn Landis

Robyn Landis is an ACE-certified fitness professional, transformational self-care coach, bestselling author, fitness nutrition specialist, herbalist, Reiki healer, and "joyful nourishment instigator”. With this unique constellation of skills and wisdom, she helps people happily and easily make choices that fuel what really matters most to them—so they achieve the body and energy that’s fit for their dreams.


Robyn specializes in helping conscious, spiritual visionaries in the second half of life fuel their body and energy so they can do their deepest and most aligned work.

She synthesizes nearly 3 decades of study, research and practice to deliver her signature blend of science, spirit, and common sense—refreshingly free of hype, regimens, extremes, or concern for irrelevant “weight”. Her trademark Conscious Inspiration™ process has helped thousands overcome health-info confusion, overwhelm, and resistance—and break free of the toxic paradigm she calls Diet Thinking™.

Robyn's books (including Herbal Defense, cowritten with one of the country’s top plant medicine experts) have been published by Warner Books in five languages with a combined 200,000 copies in print. Her third book is on the way. She coaches privately and teaches online, as the founder of Nourish U and Joy Fuel. She also tirelessly vaporizes destructive myths about health, fitness, and aging, speaking passionately about how we can transform medicine and fitness culture to inspire people to be good to themselves—which is what self-care really is.


A testimonial of Robyn’s work:

“Robyn is more than just a health coach; she is a healer, teacher, mentor, and spiritual guide who is so needed, especially in these fast-moving, chaotic times we suddenly find ourselves in. Through our work together, I have matured from someone who only wanted to heal just enough to return to eating takeout, cream puffs and macarons — to someone who actually wants to take care of myself and to gobble up life instead. I’m well on the path not just to healing physically but to maturing spiritually, as someone who joyfully and consciously chooses to do what's best for my body mind spirit so I can be ready and available to serve life and the highest good.”  ~ Audrey Wong, client

Read More About Robyn Landis HERE!

ONLINE: This is a virtual event and will be held online via Zoom
(Registrants who have paid will receive an emailed link to join the live virtual event on 6/10/2020.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (MST)

$10 for Members to attend the online event via Zoom.
(Members may add Non-Member guests for a special price of $12.)

$15 for Non-Members to attend the online event via Zoom.
(Non-Members may add guests for the same amount.)

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